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GMVA Gemeinschafts-Müll-Verbrennungsanlage Niederrhein

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    1. Careers  
    Electronics Engineer in Automation Technology The apprenticeship to become an Electronics Engineer in Automation Technology at GMVA takes three and a half years to complete. Besides gaining...

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    2. Our plant  
    GMVA was a fully publicly owned company until 2001. Since then, it has been operated as a Public Private Partnership. It is owned by the City of Oberhausen (via the shareholders STOAG) and the City...

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    3. Plant tours  
    Have you always wanted to see a waste incineration plant up close to find out exactly how it works? Then why not go on one of our weekly tours (Wednesdays)! Both individual members of the public and...

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    4. Facts & figures  
    BoilerBoiler Line 1/2Boiler Line 3Boiler Line 4 Manufacturer Deutsche Babcock Babcock Fisia Deutsche Babcock Year of construction 1996/97 2005 1984 Firing grate roller grate. 6 rollers roller grate....

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    5. Residual materials  
    The chimney that releases the cleaned flue gases into the atmosphere is 140 metres high The solid residue is extracted as filter cake Fly ash – the very fine incineration residue extracted from...

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    6. Raw materials  
    Incineration is just the beginning Waste incineration plants are highly complex facilities. They not only incinerate material but also use many different chemical processes, the majority of which are...

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    7. Energy production  
    The task of thermal waste treatment plants is to make the very most of the waste they receive using environmentally friendly processes. GMVA Niederrhein produces huge volumes of electricity from...

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    8. Plant design  
    GMVA’s incineration plant comprises four boilers, each of which has their own five-stage flue gas cleaning system. The delivery trucks tip the different types of waste straight into the bunker. An...

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    9. About us  
    Highly efficient, cutting-edge technology GMVA stands out from the crowd thanks to its state-of-the-art incineration technology and its exemplary emission values. Right from the moment it was...

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    10. Our Management Team  
    Setting the right agenda At GMVA, acting responsibly is not a means to an end but a core value embedded in our corporate culture. A corporate culture that shapes the way our specialists, managers and...

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