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GMVA Gemeinschafts-Müll-Verbrennungsanlage Niederrhein

Getting Value From Waste

  • GMVA (Gemeinschafts-Müll-Verbrennungsanlage Niederrhein) is located in the German city of Oberhausen and truly is a company full of tradition. Established in 1972 following the conversion of Concordia Bergbau’s coal fired power station, GMVA has been treating waste using environmentally friendly technology for over 40 years now. Moreover, it produces essential supplies of electricity and district heat for the local region.

  • A bird’s eye view of GMVA’s grounds

  • Our plant

    • Run as a Public Private Partnership (PPP), GMVA is able to treat up to 700,000t of waste every year. State-of-the-art flue gas cleaning systems ensure that the air emitted from its chimneys is almost 100% clean.

    Our responsibilities

    • Playing an active role in the local community by supporting social and regional projects is as much part of GMVA’s core values as focusing on environmental protection – with its plant technology and more.

    Our management team

    • GMVA is a private limited company (GmbH) with shareholders from the private sector; it not only has a management board but is also monitored by a supervisory board – made up of members representing the cities of Oberhausen and Duisburg and our co-owner REMONDIS.

GMVA Niederrhein GmbH
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