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GMVA Gemeinschafts-Müll-Verbrennungsanlage Niederrhein

Turning waste into pure energy

  • The task of thermal waste treatment plants is to make the very most of the waste they receive using environmentally friendly processes. GMVA Niederrhein produces huge volumes of electricity from this regenerative source of energy for the people living and working across the whole of the region. More than 700,000 tonnes of waste are incinerated at our plant every year. The majority of the electricity generated by the incineration process is fed into the national grid – over 350,000 MWh in total. This is enough to cover the electricity requirements of around 100,000 households.

  • An inspection of one of our turbines in 2013 “in fast motion”

Energy production at the plant

> Facts & figures
Volumes treated 650,000 bis 700,000 t/a
Steam generation 2,200,000 t/a
Total electricity generation 430,000 MWh/a
Electricity used by the plant 78,000 MWh/a
Electricity fed into the grid 315,000 bis 340,000 MWh/a
Volume of district heat 50,000 bis 150,000 MWh/a

A by-product adding value to the business: district heat

Things get pretty hot when waste is incinerated. The temperature in the plant’s four boilers can reach up to 1,200°C. This form of energy, i.e. heat, can also be used – something GMVA does on a grand scale. The energy generated by our combined heat and power technology is fed into the district heating network. Each year, we supply between 50,000 and 150,000 MWh of heat – the equivalent of the calorific value of the total load of 30 articulated trucks each carrying 33,000l of heating oil. GMVA, therefore, not only supplies district heat to the region but also helps conserve out planet’s natural resources.

The different types of energy at GMVA

For those who prefer charts to lists of figures, here is a diagram illustrating the various types of energy at GMVA.

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